Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog gets a facelift

Here's what we've just added to our site:

  1. Email signup. Yes it's finally here so we have a better way of letting you know first-hand about the latest promotions at café domus.
  2. Location map. Little India's not that little after all so we've made it easier for you to find us.
    Directly Opposite MUStafa...geddit? geddit? (well, not quite but it's easier to remember).
  3. Links. Gotta show love to our other friends online. Check out Ice Cream Chefs (we serve their yummy home-made ice creams), Tiramisutra (we serve their yummy home-made tiramisus), Catmasutra (art about cats) and KittyWu Records. Send the link love back guys!
  4. Counter. So we know how many people visit the site!
Exciting things are starting to happen at café domus so look out for more goodies coming your way real soon. Easiest ways to hear about it: join our mailing list and add our site to your RSS feed reader.