Sunday, June 10, 2007

café domus is a destination

Designed by Metropolitan Office Experimental, café domus is a 'Little Narnia' of its own...tucked away in a row of shophouses in a quieter area of Little India at 124 Owen Road.

It's hard not to peer in through the glass facade in wonder. Your eyes are immediately met by bright pink floral wallpaper that continues onto the floor...otherwise gaudy but surprisingly well accommodated here. This is topped off by a large, gorgeous chandelier.

Low, frosted white acrylic seats and coffee tables are the minimalist (but amazingly comfortable) additions to this air-conditioned gallery space, giving it an air of being comfortably inviting yet exciting. For those whose curiosity is piqued and venture in, another completely different experience is to be found beyond.

The open courtyard at the back is delicately shielded from the open sky by tall bamboo trees, beneath which are rustic benches and timber-stump tables on a pebble floor. And what's a shophouse without a spiral staircase? Climb up and find yourself in a serene and private vantage point with a treehouse feel.

Inspired by Wu Yen Yen - design and architecture

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